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Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mist Review

Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mist 2It’s very obvious to anyone who has spent much time in person with me that I love sweet tooth. If eating candy isn’t enough–or you’re trying to avoid so much of that during the holidays–you can satisfy your craving through scent instead with the Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mists*, available in three sweet scents!

Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Berry PopAvon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Berry Pop blends chilled blackberry with sparkling mandarin, and a subtle hint of amber. It’s sweet but with a slightly refreshing crispness to it. If this scent was a piece of candy, it would be sour blue raspberry.

Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Cherry MousseAvon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Cherry Mousse is a mix of luscious cherry with bright florals and creamy musk. I was actually surprised by the floral elements, it’s still very sweet but it definitely makes it more wearable and softens the scent a bit.

Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Grape GumdropAvon MMM… Candy! Body Mist in Grape Gumdrop combined juicy grape, star anise and dreamy vanilla. The vanilla makes this scent quite creamy and warm with sweetness from the grape.

Avon MMM… Candy! Body MistI really like how even though Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mists are simpler, sweet scents, Avon blends a few  notes together to make less straightforward candy and more wearable. Obviously the lasting power on a body mist is not going to compare to a perfume, but with a few spritzes it still sticks around a couple of hours.

The Avon MMM… Candy! Body Mists make a great fragrance introduction for a younger child, or for anyone else with a bit of a sweet tooth. It definitely reminds me a bit of my childhood! If you could bottle a piece of candy, what would it be?

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