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August Empties

Another month of empties! I absolutely adore reading these posts and collecting my empties, the only part that isn’t so fun is realizing I have an incredibly time-consuming post to write up! I know that I should write more reviews throughout the month as I finish things, so that’s my goal for September. In the meantime, here are my August Empties!
august empties

After finishing up a few less in my July Empties (link), I did a pretty good job on my August Empties. My biggest pride is finishing up TWO lip balms I had been working on. I’m pretty sure I bought like 85 to replace the two I finished though… So not really doing a great job at decreasing the size of my collection.

Anyway, I borrowed the same rating system again from from Petite Pear Style:

* = Disliked the product – would not repurchase
** = Liked the product – might or might not repurchase
*** = Loved the product – would repurchase

august empties 2

1. Bath & Body Works– Body Wash & Foam Bath (Sleep–Vanilla Cinnamon): I have the photos and notes for a review of this product but then I realized it was discontinued… but after asking on my Facebook page it seems like people are interested anyway so expect one eventually! The scent was great and I would definitely have considered buying more in it, if it was still available, but I do think the regular bubble bath from BBW gives better bubbles. **

2. Pantene– Silicone Free Shampoo (Ice Shine): Ugh, my foray into more natural hair care did not get off to a good start with this shampoo. It made my hair dry and tangly (more than usual) and there just wasn’t anything special about it not even the scent. Unfortunately I had bought another bottle before realizing this, but my boyfriend is helping me use it up so it should make it into my September empties. *

3. Bath & Body Works– Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (Midnight Pomegranate): Not even sure if this scent is still available as I got this on a huge discount an embarrassingly long time ago, but at least I’m doing a decent job going through my hand soaps. The scent was nice but not my absolute favourite, I will continue to buy BBW hand soaps though (once I use up a few more). **

4. Dove– Visibly Smooth (Nature Fresh): This was decent deodorant, I don’t know about claims of making hair less visible but it smelled okay and did the job. I like Dove but again, trying to go more natural, so I won’t be buying any more aluminum deodorants any time soon. **

5. Philosophy– Purity Face Wash: This was a tiny sample of Purity given to me last summer that I misplaced and recently found. It was actually enough for maybe 3 face washes, and I really enjoyed using it. I did just buy massive bottles of Clinique products though, but in the future I would definitely test out a full size of this. **

6. Lush–Mumkin: I’ve always wanted to try Lush bath products, so I finally picked up some up in a June haul. This smelled really delicious, like raspberry, and that transferred over into the bath water. The bubbles were okay. I was hoping for more scent and more bubbles, which was probably my fault because I broke it into 3 pieces to use (the girl at the store did tell me I could break it into pieces). While it saved money, next time I would try breaking it into only 2 and see if I like the results better. It’s just so expensive! **

7. Ja Yeon Mapping– Lemon Essence Mask: Meh, another sheet mask. I liked this probably better than the pomegranate one from last month but I’m thinking sheet masks aren’t for me. I just don’t feel like they do as much. I do have more to try out though so I’ll keep giving them a try and see if I fall in love. *

august empties 4

8. Compliments– Nail Polish Remover (Lemon Scented with Conditioners): I know this is just nail polish remover but I really like this one! But unfortunately I was near a Shoppers and ended up buying their (less nice) polish remover to replace it. But I’ll definitely be buying this again! Even my friend who never paints her nails ended up buying this after using mine because she loved the lemon scent. I also find it really effective. Great product for $3 or less. ***

9. AG Hair Cosmetics– Curl Trigger (Curl Defining Spray): This actually came for free with a bottle of AG Recoil which is another product for curly hair that a hair dresser used on me and I loved and at one point there was a 50% off deal on it I think and it came with this. So that’s how I ended up with a hair product not from the drug store. I still need to use up the recoil, but this spray was great for traveling (I thought) because it was tiny. Unfortunately it also leaks. But what I did use I enjoyed, just as long as you don’t put too much in or it gets crunchy. I would consider picking it up again in the future, but I have a ton of drugstore hair product to use up and I generally find it works pretty well for me. **

10. Victoria’s Secret– Eau de Toilette (Love Spell): I love this scent (no pun intended!) It’s described as cherry blossom and peach and I just think it’s delicious. I picked up this bottle back in February before this was really much of a blog (you can read about it here) and I wasn’t really using it much because I didn’t want to finish it. But luckily, I already purchased a bottle that’s over double the size of this one (see my haul here) so I won’t be needing to rebuy this again any time soon! ***

11. Bath & Body Works– Hand Cream (Warm Vanilla Sugar): Another item picked up in an incredibly BBW boxing day sale (and not last year…), the price tag says $10 which is ridiculous and I must have paid about 2 dollars. This took me nearly a year to use up though, so it was probably worth the full price. It was really creamy and moisturizing but not greasy. I was pretty sick of the scent by the end, it’s too strong on the vanilla for me and other people in my lab definitely knew when I had used it. I have one in Dark Kiss going now and I do prefer that. There’s another Vanilla one in my stash and I may pass it on, the product is nice but I’m just sick of the scent. **

12.  KonaKare– Lip Butter Balm (Peaches and Dream): I did a full review on these lip balms already (link here) but I adore them. This was one that wasn’t a full size so finishing it was a bit cheating but I’m excited anyway because it’s still lip balm and takes a long time to finish. I’ve moved onto the Original one. I have quite a few left but I would rebuy in the future… once I finish up a ton more lip balms! ***

13. Faerie Made– Hemp Lip Balm (Tangerine): This was gifted to me by my mom, who picked it up from the owner of Faerie Made, who she knows. The tangerine scent was nice but not overpowering and didn’t have a taste which I appreciate. It did a great job as a lip balm and the only thing more I could wish for is SPF. I do have a ton of lip balms already so I don’t see myself ordering more of this specific one online. **

14 & 15. Jean Pierre– Nail Polish Remover Wipe (x2): Definitely nothing impressive about these wipes which came in my July BB5. One wasn’t even enough to remove all my polish (I’d say it got about 3/4 maybe) and single use polish wipes like this just seem wasteful. I’ve only tried the Julep ones once and they were much better. *

august empties 3

16. DAVIDsTEA– Pom Tango: Yay, my August Empties features my first time finishing a 100 g can of tea! How exciting, and it totally justifies buying large quantities of tea in the future. Also this DAVIDsTEA was delicious (you can read my review here) but it’s seasonal (ie: no longer available) and contains artificial flavours. So I won’t be picking it up again. **

17. Candle: Um… I think this is from Febreze? Can’t say for sure, my boyfriend got it for Christmas and it smelled okay but the scent didn’t fill the room at all and so it just sat around until I decided to finish it up for my August Empties. So I did. We’ll stick to bigger candles in the future.*

18. DAVIDsTEA– Cinnamon Heart: A mini container of tea that I finished up courtesy of a labmate who brought them in for me to drink. It’s great to feel so accomplished when it only takes two times to use it up, although that does mean 4 cups of tea. I thought this was okay (review here) but the plain cinnamon wasn’t really my favourite and I won’t be picking it up in a large quantity.

19. DAVIDsTEA- Coco Canela: I really loved this one! So much so that I picked up another 25 g bag of it while it was still on promotion (2 for $5) and I’ll be drinking that next. There’s a sale on the DAVIDsTEA website for 250 g of it for $20 and I’m considering ordering… but I’m thinking after I drink another 25 g I might want a break. It is delicious though, highly recommend it and will post a review eventually! ***

20. DAVIDsTEA– Fruit Mate: The second mini container from work, I like mate and would probably have been interested in trying more of this but it’s no longer available so I just enjoyed what I had (review here). There is another fruity mate tea though that I will likely pick up in the future to try out. **

A nice even 20! That it’s for August Empties. What did you finish up this month?

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