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August 2015 Empties

August 2015 Empties 5I am always starting ‘series’ on Writing Whimsy and I never stick with them, but one of the posts that inspired me to start a beauty blog in the first place were empties, and I hope to always have a monthly roundup, even if nobody reads it. After a fully-loaded July, my August 2015 Empties are a bit sad due to being on vacation for part of the month (which is less sad) and doing fieldwork for part of the month and therefore neglecting everything else in my life.

August 2015 Empties 6My August 2015 Empties feature three bath products because I have been having really bad neck pain from my fieldwork, and taking baths as often as I can to help cope with it. I used up my Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Lavender* which is a massive bag, but you actually need quite a bit, and it is a lovely addition to any night-time bath and something I would purchase to help with muscle pain.

I also used up my The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt which I purchased forever ago. I love the scent and I love the weird, honey-like texture, but you do have to use quite a bit in a bath. Luckily, TBS has great sales! I also used the Avon Foot Works Toasted Macademia Nut Relaxing Foot Soak*, mainly as a bubble bath as well because it smell great and to be honest by the time I get my feet soaking in the tub I want the rest of my body to be as well.

August 2015 Empties 2In terms of face products, it was pretty straightforward because it was that kind of month. I used two little samples of the EFFI Purple* which I received as a part of my Little Life Box and which wasn’t enough to see a difference. I also had a Maybelline Clean Express! Makeup Remover that I got as a gift at one point. I had been using it on swatches because it irritated my eyes, but near the end I tried it again and it didn’t seem to bother me anymore. Weird. I also had these Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths* which I liked because they were gentle, but I wish they were a little more effective.

August 2015 EmptiesWhen it comes to hair for my August 2015 Empties, I actually finished a couple things, starting off with the SweetEase Face Waxing Kit*. I don’t like the pre-waxed strips nearly as much as regular wax, but they are good for lazy touch ups. I absolutely adored the Schwarzkopf Professional BC HAIRTHERAPY Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner*, and I’m quite sad it’s gone as it really smelled amazing and was such a great boost to my dry hair. It also lasted about a year, so once I finish another 2 leave-in conditioners I have I will probably repurchase.

Finally, I got the ALTERNA Haircare Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray as a sort of pretty bad perk in a Sephora order but at the time there was nothing better, and it was great for travel because it’s so tiny and cute. Presumably it protected my hair from my flat iron, and I also feel like it added shine, so I like it.

August 2015 Empties 3My August 2015 Empties is also loaded with tea because I have been making a ton of iced tea and actually moving through my stash-ish. I used up two packages of DAVIDsTEA Hard Candy, one was a press sample and one I purchased, and then I purchased even more, but I’m still not totally won over by it. The flavour DAVIDsTEA Strawberry Colada* was too artificial and sweet for me, but makes a very juice-like iced tea. Finally, I love DAVIDsTEA Just Peachy* and I have purchased it many times, a great peach iced tea for the summer weather.

August 2015 Empties 4I also had a few smaller packages of tea I finished up, which included DAVIDsTEA Honey I Dew (which used to be called the Mystery Tea before it was named) and which smells great but maybe it’s because it’s a white tea and I mess it up when I brew it up, but always tastes disgusting to me. I do adore the DAVIDsTEA Pure Chai, especially as a latte in the colder weather. Finally, I have a whole post up on Tea Ave, including the Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong*, which was lovely.

And now all my August 2015 Empties can be tossed! What’s the damage? Beauty: 10 Tea: 7, not a ton but it’s still that many fewer products in my bathroom to make space for a trillion new ones.

Year-to-date totals? Beauty: 140 and Tea and Candles: 66.

What did you finish this month?

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