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Ardell Lashes Individuals, Glamour and LashGrip

When it comes to false lashes, I am definitely still a novice. I wore them for the first time on New Year’s Eve, and they were applied by my good friend and beauty expert, Laala. The look was very dramatic though and I definitely wanted to try them out on my own so I was excited to receive Ardell Lashes Individuals*, Ardell Lashes Glamour* and the Ardell LashGrip* glue to apply them with.
Ardell Lashes Individuals

First up I went with the Ardell Lashes Individuals, because this is what Laala had applied on me, and they are also clearly more wearable than the Glamour lashes.  All the lashes are the same length and it comes with 56 lashes, which is loads and will last you at least a few uses– more if you are willing to clean them and reuse.

Ardell Lashes Individuals 5

I think the length of the Ardell Lashes Individuals is perfect, and I adore the effect that they give. In the photo below I have applied the lashes to one eye and not to the other. This was my first time applying false lashes, and although it would have been better if I’d used tweezers to apply them, I do think I got the hang of it after some practice. I had a small dot of LashGrip glue on a piece of foil and I dipped the back of the lashes in it, let it dry for a little bit, and then placed it carefully at the base of my lashes. The most important step was to then not move or touch my eyelid/lashes until it had time to full dry. In the photo below, I have Ardell Lashes Individuals applied only on the left side, so you can see what a difference they make!

1-1-Ardell Lashes Individuals 2

I actually don’t know exactly how many lashes I applied on each lid, but I do know it wasn’t the same– it is more about how it looks than actual balance right? I made such a mess because I’m a novice that I ended up going over it all with a coat of mascara, which I might not recommend if you want to reuse the lashes as it will be more difficult but I just adored the end result with Ardell Lashes Individuals (below). Novice tip though: put your contacts in FIRST. It would have made my life so much easier!

1-1-Ardell Lashes Individuals

Although Ardell Lashes LashGrip is white, when it dries it goes completely clear. Any glue you might notice in my photos could easily be fixed with more practice and a bit cleaner of an application, but overall I really loved how it worked. In comparison to my past false lashes experience, this glue was much better. I really loved this glue, you only need the smallest bit and it has an extremely strong hold. Removal of lashes in both cases wasn’t difficult either and I didn’t have any noticeable “real lash casualties”.

Ardell Lashes Individuals 4

In addition to the Individuals, I also tried a full set of lashes, Ardell Lashes Glamour. That is definitely an accurate name for these lashes! This was my first time applying a full strip of lashes, and although I did it backwards the first time (I really think the shorter lashes should be towards the bridge of the nose) that just made for more practice. I applied the LashGrip along the band and placed it at the base of my lashes. Although these are clearly not natural-looking lashes, I don’t think you can really tell where my real lashes are so that is a success. After I applied the Ardell Lashes Glamour I just really wish I had a photoshoot worthy of these to go to. Well, here’s the photo-evidence anyway!

1-glamour lashesPicMonkey Collage

Even though I am a lash-novice, I was definitely familiar with the brand Ardell, as I have only heard great things about their lashes, so I had high expectations for their lashes and glue. In my limited lash experience, I was really impressed with these. In particular I love the Ardell Lashes Individuals, and I also think the LashGrip glue is awesome. The Ardell Lashes Glamour style is very dramatic and makes a statement, it’s just a bit too much of a statement for me, however there is nothing wrong with the lashes themselves and they wore well while they were on.

After this experience I definitely haven’t become a false lashes addict, but I can definitely appreciate the gorgeous effect they can give and although my application needs some practice, I would easily reach for the Ardell Lashes Individuals and LashGrip next time I had a special event.

Do you wear false lashes? What’s your favourite brand?

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