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April Empties 2014

April EmptiesWhen I was digging through my stuff finding all my empties that went missing from March to August I made the exciting discovery that my April Empties…not missing. Just on my computer and I had avoided writing about them because empties posts are a lot of work. Trust me. This is the third one I’m writing in about a week! But despite being ridiculously late, they are not lost, so here are my April Empties.

April Empties 3As always it’s not an empties post without a few Lush goodies, and in April I finished up Lush Golden Egg* (smells amazing like honey), Lush Magic Wand* (not my favourite format) and Lush Fluffy Egg* (makes me miss Snow Fairy). I also used up four Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks, which make really nice affordable face masks in all kinds of crazy varieties but they do smell good. There was a Nut Oil Clay Mask* and Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask* that were my preferred ones, while the Hot Chocolate Self Heating* and Apricot Scrub* were just okay.

April Empties 2Ah, words cannot explain how happy I was to finally use up these massive massive bottles of Colorevolution Revitalize Mango & Guava shampoo and conditioner. I featured them in a Winner’s Haul about a year before, and I was all excited about natural shampoos and mango and yeah— not good. Not moisturizing. I was even sick of the scent by the end of it. To make it worse my boyfriend disliked them too and wouldn’t really help me use them up, they had pumps that wouldn’t pump well, and just looking at this photo again reminds me how happy I am they are FINISHED.

Some less exciting but helpful items include a Quo Nail Polish Remover, a Vanilla Glade Candle (one of the ones that change colour and I love!), and some more Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. I cannot wait for vanilla bean noel to be back… favourite BBW scent!

April Empties 4I also finally finished up the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash which I loved the scent of but it was definitely too drying for daily use on my skin. There’s some Secret Fresh Effects Antiperspirant (I really want to go more natural, but these are my standbys). I also sadly used up my Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel*, a super sweet pink cotton candy confection that’s only around at Christmas.  While I love the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes*, I ended up being less of a fan of the Almay Oil-Free Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover Pads* because by the end they were definitely irritating my eyes.

There’s also two samples that were a part of the Dermalogica Normal/Oil Skin set I tried, which were a PreCleanse* sample, which is basically a cleansing oil which a nice scent, and a Skin Refining Masque*, which I really want to try more of because it definitely helped mattify my skin.

April Empties 6I finished a polish! There’s a tiny bit left at the bottom of Julep Lauren but it was not coming out even with a ton of nail polish thinner, so I called it quits. I was just excited to finish it, but it’s a nice bright pink shade, I just wish it was more opaque. I also had a MUJI Candle in Elderflower Champgne that was a gift my friend bought me in London and smelled lovely (to me, my boyfriend hated it) and comes in a cute tin. I hope MUJI eventually makes it out here!

I sadly finished my Lush Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion* which has an amazing citrus scent and I love and would definitely recommend if it’s brought back this year for Christmas (hopefully!). There’s a sample of Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner which I loved the scent of but didn’t really have enough of to test properly. There’s also a Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub which is too oily for me but has a nice scent.

I finished up a bottle of Demeter Fragrance Sugar Cookie*, which is one of my favourite room sprays and luckily I have enough one in progress now. So delicious! I also used up a Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Hand Cream, which I love the scent of but I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to buy any hand cream ever again… Finally there are a pair of Ardell Glamour Lashes* which are super dramatic and which I damaged (my fault) when trying to clean them so it was time to toss them out.

April Empties 5A few tea empties including a big tin of DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts (since repurchased), a bag of Queen of Tarts (also repurchased), a little tin of David’s Organic Breakfast (not repurchased, too “normal” for me), and some DAVIDsTEA Goji Pop a friend sent me that I remember being sweet and okay but not something I was rushing out to purchase. However I do think I own some now, so once I try it out more thoroughly I will definitely post a review.

And because Jayne convinced me that counting numbers is fun (it didn’t take much) there are 31 products in my April Empties! Let’s see if September can beat it… because after April, comes September. At least in Writing Whimsy World.

Also, I still need to uncover the rest of May, June and July empties so there should be one more out-of-place empties post at some point. No promise.

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