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April 2015 Empties

April 2015 Empties 3Doesn’t it feel like we just did my March 2015 Empties? Whoops! Well April felt like a short month because I was gone for at least a week of it, but still managed to find a few products for my April 2015 Empties. Writing these posts always makes me so excited to FINISH MORE. So keep reading and find out what I thought of the things I did use up last month!

April 2015 Empties 4You saw the shampoos last month, so here’s the matching Garnier Sleek & Shine Conditioner*. Now let me vent for a moment. I actually really like the product inside this container, but it was insanely hard to get out, especially once it started to get used up. I had so much difficulty squeezing, and the lid didn’t easily come off either. So although I would repurchase the shampoo, I will be staying away from this conditioner for that reason alone.

This Baylis & Harding Bath Foam in Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit* was nice for creating bubbles, but pretty basic and the scent was not really noticeable once I was in the bath, so it got neglected when I had Lush goodies instead. I really loved the yummy apple scent of the Fruits & Passion Quenching Butter for the Body in Apple Illusion, and it did a nice job although I think I originally bought it thinking it was hand lotion, and it was a bit too wet for that.

Speaking of Lush goodies, I used up another Lush Shoot for the Stars that I had been hoarding although it was too old and the scent was basically gone, it is my favourite bath bomb and I will definitely repurchase again. I also used Lush Green Bubbleroon*, which was quite lovely although I’m not sure it outdoes the Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon

April 2015 Empties 2I managed to continue to work towards my goal of using up polish with Julep Bess, one I got in a swap that was a really pretty baby blue that had a very thick formula I didn’t especially like. I used it mainly as a pedicure shade although I did use it on my fingernails a few times as well and I’m not sad it’s gone. I’m more sad about my L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Melon Scented Pads, which are a bit oily but smell great and don’t leak, both factors that make them fantastic for travel (although sometimes I use them when I’m lazy too).

There’s also a really exciting appearance in my April 2015 Empties because I KINDA FINISHED A MAKEUP ITEM. Sure, it’s a lip balm like thing, and it’s a mini, but still. I even dug into my Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rose but I do have backups in my stash because I’m addicted to these and used to always get them with free promo codes from Sephora. They are really soft, so this one got a bit beat up near the end, but they smell amazing and are so luxurious on the lips. Love love love.

April 2015 EmptiesI continued to work on my ridiculous tea stash, although I also bought more. There’s even more DAVIDsTEA Grand Cru Matcha, which I drink almost daily in my smoothies and love. Then there’s an old favourite, DAVIDsTEA Pom Tango, that recently resurfaced when some of my long lost tea was returned to me. Still love it, and it’s in the new summer collection, so I will probably buy more.

There’s the DAVIDsTEA Chai Guarana, which is super energizing and quite good in the mornings. I also have DAVIDsTEA Key Lime, which was limited edition but a really nice herbal tea that also made great iced tea, but I still have another package of it left. Finally, I finished up one of the oldest teas I owned, DAVIDsTEA Pink Flamingo, which I had 50 grams of (compared to those other bags of about 20) and which I didn’t dislike, but never really loved even though I initially wrote a really positive review. I have gotten into cold-steeping teas and so I just keep making this one that way (which was quite refreshing) until it was finally gone. No, I will not repurchase.

Number-wise, the April 2015 Empties don’t look great with grand totals of 8 for Beauty and 5 for Tea, but there are some products in here I’ve been looking on awhile, and now they are gone, so I call that progress! Grand totals for 2015 so far are Beauty: 56, Tea and Candles: 41. See you again for May Empties, hopefully at the beginning of June! Have you tried any of the products in this post?

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