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Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balms Swatches + Review

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Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Swatches + Review 3I know it’s still July but the Fall releases are already starting to show up in my mailbox and soon to be on shelves so although I’m not completely finished sharing Summer collections yet I thought I would take a break to share a Fall launch that will work year-round, the Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balms.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond ReviewsI really loved the delicious scents, comfortable formula and flattering tint of colour provided by the original Annabelle Lipsies Lip Balms so it was exciting to see that the range had been expanded with a brand new “Diamond” or shimmery version of the product. While the packaging on the product is very similar to the original, instead of flat white text there’s metallic silver, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Swatches + ReviewThere are 6 shades of the Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balms launching and I tested out four of them, Bubble Gum, Cantaloupe, Rose Macaron and Wild Berries. Each shade has a hint of shimmer, but Bubble Gum is really loaded with silver shimmer while the other shades are more subtle however all leave some shimmer behind when they wear off. The shades are easy to identify because the outside packaging is colour-coordinated. I also really love the convenient twist up, no-sharpener needed jumbo pencil format.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Bubble Gum SwatchThe Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balm in Bubble Gum is a bright bubble gum pink with silver shimmer and a sweet bubble gum scent. Cool-toned pinks like this aren’t very flattering of me, and the extra shimmer in this shade gives a bit of that itchy texture when applied. It’s also a bit uneven on the lips and when I take it off I’m left with a lot of silver shimmer left behind.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Cantaloupe SwatchThe Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balm in Cantaloupe is a peachy coral shimmer with a sweet melony scent. I’m always impressed by the ability of Annabelle to get even unusual scents (like lychee) to be super realistic. Although a Fall launch, this sheer shade is perfect for Summer and the shimmer is much more finer and therefore it’s a lot more comfortable to wear than Bubble Gum.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Rose Macaron SwatchThe Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balm in Rose Macaron is a sheer bright pink with pink shimmer and a sweet rose candy fragrance. This shade is a lot warmer than Bubble Gum, more comfortable, and also applies a lot more evenly although not quite as good as Cantaloupe and Wild Berries.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Wild Berries SwatchThe Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balm in Wild Berries is a dark berry pink shimmer with a berry fruity sweet scent. This is definitely the most Fall shade to me, and it’s comfortable to wear with a bit of shimmer.

Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Swatches + Review 2

While I do get more use out of non-shimmery lip shades, given the affordable price ($4.95 CAN) and lovely scents, texture and shade of the new Annabelle Lipsies Diamond Lip Balms I think these are definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a fun new lip product to try. Personally, I’d skip the shade Bubble Gum but that still leaves 5 more to test out, including my personal favourite from these 4, Cantaloupe.

Have you tried the original Annabelle Lipsies? Will you be picking up the Diamond formula? It’s available online now and in stores starting in August.

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