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A Moment With A Puppy

Two weeks ago I went to visit my family for Passover and the timing was such that one of my dogs had just had puppies. My mom is a breeder of Standard Poodles, both brown and black. At just over a week old, they are pretty darn adorable. I’ve included some proof of the littlest puppy, because how could I not? These photos were taken of me by my brother. puppy2This is the littlest puppy at nine days old. Even in the long weekend I was home I could see how much bigger he got, and I spent quite a bit of time making sure he got a chance to nurse. By the time I left he had definitely gotten the hang of it and was gaining weight pretty fast though! puppy1

Here’s me when I was holding him, such a sweetheart. Whichever home he ends up at will be very lucky.

If you ever get a chance to spend some time with tiny puppies, I highly recommend it. They are pretty much like little slugs, blind and deaf they wiggle around and whimper and try to suck your finger, but they are so cute it’s heart-breaking.

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