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5 Ways To Make Your Period Less Miserable

This post has been sponsored by Asana. All opinions are my own.


I actually spent a bunch of time considering how I should name this post, but I went with the obvious: I’m going to share 5 items that I use to make my period just a little less miserable. It’s a time of month I’m pretty sure nobody looks forward to, but with these steps it is just that much more bearable for me.

1) I’m a busy student and I need reliable hygiene products during my time of the month. Asana is a Canadian brand designed by a woman who graduated from the University of British Columbia and has over 10 years experience in chemical and environmental engineering. Asana offers the Biowave Advantage, which has been classified by Health Canada as an antibacterial Medical Device Class 1. This advantage means the product includes tourmaline and silver, which has many benefits including reducing discomfort, dispelling odor, and increasing air circulation.

Asana is a great product because not only is it thin and highly absorbent, but it’s also 95% biodegradable. Even the packaging uses Soya ink and is biodegradable! It makes me a little less miserable to know that the product I am using is both effective and environmentally-friendly.


2) This second pick for feeling better when I have my period actually works all month long, but it’s definitely not as good for me as Asana! I’m really hooked on Chicago style popcorn, especially the caramel bits, and I’m obsessed with this Smartfood Cheddar & Caramel Flavour. SO GOOD. If you want to treat yourself to something when you’re not feeling your best, or any other day, I highly recommend. Yum!


3) I really love a nice warm mug of tea when I’m not feeling my best, and it’s pretty clear from past blog posts how much I adore DAVIDsTEA. This DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate flavour isn’t currently available–I hope they bring it back–but it’s a great way for me to get my chocolate craving satisfied without being too indulgent after I’ve eaten an entire bag of Smartfood popcorn.


4) When I’m feeling bloated and gross, I love relaxing in the bath with some soothing bath salts. I bring a good book with me and I can spend hours that way, until the water gets cold.


5) My final tip for feeling less miserable during your period is to pamper yourself. Buying good quality hygiene products like Asana is definitely important, but sometimes I like to do a little something extra and that’s where face masks come in. If I’m feeling extra lazy, I reach for a sheet mask that is quick to apply and this Sally’s box option is so adorable.


I’m definitely one of those people who feels extra miserable when they have their period, so I like to do whatever little acts of self-care I can think of to make it less dreadful. It’s so important to take care of yourself, whether that means treats and pampering or making sure you’re reaching for a hygiene product that you can trust. I’m really excited to have learned about Asana and I definitely recommend checking out this Canadian brand. If you’re in Nova Scotia, you can pick up Asana at The Healthy Bug in Halifax, but check out the province-specific locations here.

What do you do to feel less miserable when you have your period?

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