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5 Tips for Visiting Bodega Bay, California

I’m back from my adventures/work-and-a-lot-of-time-at-the-computer in California. I spent 5 weeks in Santa Rosa and another week at conferences in Davis. While I was in Santa Rosa my mom came for a visit, and so we went (twice) to what is probably my favourite place in California so far, Bodega Bay. Bodega Bay is a beautiful Sonoma-county town and surrounded by beaches, including my personal favourite featuring in most of these photos, Schoolhouse Beach.

5 tips for visiting Bodega Bay, California:

  1. Check when lowtide is, and make sure to show up then! This gives you the awesome opportunity to explore the tidepools. They are filled with sea anemones and starfish, and it’s just so much fun regardless of how old you are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anemones in the “wild” before, and I loved it.
  2. On my second visit featured in this post, we were a bit late for lowtide and the anemones, but instead saw plenty of crabs scattering about. So much fun!
  3. Pack some food, stay awhile. On both visits my mom and I packed lunches/snacks with us. There are picnic tables with beautiful views, or you can eat directly on the beach. You won’t want to have to go home early cause you’re hungry, and there’s nothing more lovely than the ocean air while you eat.
  4. Take advantage of the little trails in the surrounding area, we had the chance to see a whole island of sea lions (once the fog lifted) and some nearby sunbathing seals as well. The whole area is just beautiful.
  5. Bodega Bay is where Hitchcock filmed the classic horror film, The Birds, so on your way home make sure to stop by the original church and schoolhouse! There are even some Bird-themed places in town.
  6. Bonus tip! Take the scenic drive home. We drove along a forested road that really looked like it was part of a fairyland. So beautiful.

And now, time for the photo overload! Starting with my July 27 visit.

Our visit on August 2 was shorter, but just as lovely. I am really sad I didn’t go back to Bodega Bay after my mom left, but I do hope to return in the future.

If you are planning a visit to Sonoma or Napa, hopefully I’ve inspired you take the trip to Bodega Bay. It was really a highlight of my 5 weeks in wine country. Have you ever been to California? Let me know if you have a favourite spot, I’ll be back for a few more months next year so I hope to explore a little more!

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