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5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms

5 Best Nighttime Lip BalmsWhen I was trying to think of more “creative” (I use this term lightly) posts to share, I thought about what I’d like to see shared this time of year, and I immediately thought of heavy duty lip balms. At least in Canada, it’s pretty cold at the moment, and my lips need some extra care. I’m not the best about reapplying throughout the day, which is why I count on my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms to help repair the damage overnight!

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 7My 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms include a range of prices as well as packaging, and although they are mainly press samples, the truth is, I have such awesome intensive lip balms already I haven’t needed to go out and buy more on my own. So as always, you can be sure these are my real favourites, based on what I’ve tried (so far), and you can probably tell by the dent I’ve made in them so far! I’ll share a mini review on each, but they aren’t in any particular order.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 5Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm* is sold in a pot format and has a delicious and basically edible honey vanilla scent. I first shared it as a part of my Lush Honey Love, and I have definitely made a dent in it over the last six months. There is a slight amount of graininess to it, and it’s preservative-free, which means it does expire. Like most of my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms, Lush Honey Trap is incredibly thick, and if I apply it before bed I can still feel it on my lips the next morning. This is definitely one of the most nourishing lip balms I have ever used and it’s perfect for very chapped lips, or lips you just want to give some extra care to.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 6When I reviewed the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia I described it as one of the best things I’d ever smelled and that’s definitely still true. Although there are other scents available and I’m sure the product inside is just as nice, personally, I think this scent is amazing. In general, I dislike pot packaging, but at least with a nighttime lip balm I apply using clean fingers before bed. The Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia contains a ton of product (almost 17 grams!) but I am just about to hit “pan” on it. The creamy product feels great on my lips and helps keep them moisturized, but it also leaves a white-cast, so this is definitely a before bed lip balm for me.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 4I have a self-admitted obsession Fresh Sugar balms, all of which are really nice on the lips, but their most intensive offering is the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment*, so that’s the one I’d recommend for before bed. Mine is a mini that came as a part of a holiday gift set (featured here), and it has the same fresh lemon scent that I love from the brand. It leaves a generous moisturizing layer on your lips, that has some comfortable slip to it. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment is also the only one of my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms that has a traditional balm packaging, so if that’s what you prefer, I definitely recommend this option.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 3I had heard such amazing things about the Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm*, I mean it is Temptalia’s favourite lip balm, so I was pretty excited to try one out. I got mine as a part of a great holiday kit that came with three (reviewed here), but the one I’ve been using is Asian Pear, because I love the pear scent and it’s such a rare one to find. It comes in a squeeze tube and has a very thick consistency to it that really coats your lips. It’s also the only one of my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms to contain SPF, which is great if you want to wear it during the day as well, which I often do.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 2I love anything rose, so of course I had my eye on the AERIN Rose Lip Conditioner*, and I’ve been lucky enough to try it out. There’s a really lovely rose scent and it’s the only one of these balms with any pigment to it, but it’s really not noticeable on the lips. It is also a squeeze-tube, which isn’t my favourite but still preferable to a pot, and understandable when the product is this thick. However, I think the packaging is the prettiest out of my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms. The AERIN Rose Lip Conditioner is so thick you have to kind of rub it into your lips a bit by pressing them together, and I can still feel a layer of the balm when I wake up in the morning. Although I have used it during the day, when I apply a nice layer at night, it basically functions as a lip mask for me.

5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms 8I admit that I haven’t tried every single lip balm in the world, though I wish I had (feel free to send me more) but based on the ones in my current collection, these are my 5 Best Nighttime Lip Balms. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them during the day as well! Interestingly, it seems smell is super important to me if I’m going to fall asleep with it under my nose, so you have honey, vanilla, lemon, pear and rose options. What’s your favourite nighttime lip balm? Would any of these have made the list?

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