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3 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix



I know that 3 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix is kinda a random post to put up on Christmas Day, but when I was trying to think of what kind of post I should write for today, the only other idea I could come up with was an attempt at Christmas nail art. And I already posted that yesterday. The truth is, Christmas has often meant the stereotypical Chinese food and movies. This YouTube video captures it quite well!

So I thought for anyone else who needs something to do on a day of the year that most things besides Chinese food and the movies are closed…there’s always Netflix. Here are 3 great shows to binge watch over the holidays!


White Collar stars Neal Caffrey, a conman who avoids (more) prison by working with FBI agent Peter Burke, the man who caught him. Together the two solve white collar crime, using the same skills that once put Caffrey behind bars. My favourite character is definitely Mozzie, Neal’s best friend who sometimes helps out and sometimes lures Neal back towards his former ways. You can watch all 6 seasons of White Collar on Canadian Netflix–but don’t get mislead like I did and think you’re in for a full season 6 because the final season has only 6 episodes. Still, if you’re looking for something light, entertaining and still with plenty of intrigue to keep you watching, definitely give White Collar a try.

how to get away with murder

Although there’s only one season of How To Get Away With Murder available on Netflix–the second one just finished airing–it’s definitely one that is binge-worthy. The show features Annalise Keating as a criminal defense lawyer who also works as a law professor. She selects 5 students to intern at her firm, and they help her with clients. At the beginning of the season, another university student who has been missing for month is found. There are also flashfowards throughout the season as the same students working for Annalise work to dispose of a second body. Although the show is definitely a bit outlandish, I still really enjoyed watching it and both these mysteries will keep you hooked until the end.


If you’re looking for an authentic TV show that’s also pure comedy, you’ll definitely need to watch The Mindy Project. In it, Mindy Lahiri is a successful doctor who loves romantic comedies but is stumbling through her personal life looking to find her own happy ending. Between Mindy and her quirky coworkers at their medical practice, there’s not much else to say but you really have to watch it to appreciate how charming and hilarious it is. Luckily there are 3 seasons on Netflix. I actually have a few episodes left of the last one so I plan to finish it up while I have some time off!

And that’s it! Today, I’m off to the movies today followed by a nice family supper, but if you’ve got some spare time when the holiday madness calms down, definitely give one of these binge-worthy series a try! What is your favourite show to binge-watch on Netflix? Merry Christmas!

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