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2016 Empties I Never Posted About

It has been forever–actually, since July, so almost a year–since I’ve shared my empties. I wish that meant I had stopped collecting them, but I didn’t. Instead, I finally photographed all of them last week so coming up over the next little while I decided to share them anyway. Because, umm, garbage never goes old. Right?

I reviewed the Schwarzkopf Professional BC HAIRTHERAPY Smooth Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner back in July 2014, but they made it to the back of my cabinet and I only ended up finishing them last year. I really loved these–and I also appreciated the larger size shampoo since we go through that much faster in my household. I really love how soft these made my hair feel and I would repurchase if I didn’t still have a stockpile.

I would not repurchase the Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo and Conditioner, which have a heavy floral scent and do build up in your hair. I really do love Bath & Body Works hand soaps, including both the Southern Lemon Chiffon (which smells like lemon meringue) and Georgia Peach (which smells edible) options.

Two Lush empties, Lush The Modfather Bubble Bar, was a really great Father’s Day offering I hope Lush brings back, it made the water blue and smelled like citrus, plus it gave loads of bubble. I’m pretty sure the other Lush Wrapper is the Lush You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath OIl, which smelled delicious and left my skin extra soft. I would buy it again as a decadent treat. I also had the Precious Essentials Aromatherapy Soak in Comforting Vanilla and Renewing Rose, which I think I bought of ebay? ages ago, and they were nice scented and soothing in the bath.

I also have two fragrance empties, which I am always really happy about because I have quite a lot in my collection and they are hard to finish up. Demeter Pistachio Ice Cream was a sweet scent that worked well as a room spray, while the Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer was a really lovely spring scent and my favourite of the Katy Perry fragrances I’ve tried. I would be tempted to repurchased it if it wasn’t limited edition and I didn’t have 200 more bottles of perfume to finish.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an empties post without a ton of tea. I’ve got two bags of DAVIDsTEA Peach Matcha, which I love love love and I’m glad it was brought back so I could recently purchase like 500 grams of it, since these empties are from last year. I usually have it as a hot latte, but it is delicious as an iced one as well. DAVIDsTEA Mulled Wine is an oolong that actually smelled like bubblegum to me and tasted sweet and cozy for winter, although I didn’t love it enough to purchase more. DAVIDsTEA Yes We Cran is an old fall tea from the brand and it has a very fall flavour with cranberries and hibiscus, another one I liked but don’t miss awfully. Finally, DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Mojito is a really delicious iced tea that’s super refreshing and I do miss. Oh, and here are two small samples of DAVIDsTEA Pom Cider–meh, it tastes like fennel–and DAVIDsTEA Carrot Cupcake–love, I have another bag although it’s very similar to Spiced Pumpkin.

Well that’s it for these empties…from an unknown time in 2016. I’ll be back with more soon, but in the meantime, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and if there are any you’d repurchase!

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